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Vultological Parallels to the Grant Hierarchy

Author(s): Juan E. Sandoval
Published on: September 12, 2021
Abstract: Preliminary data obtained from 583 individuals across the four vultological energetics of the CTVC3, reveals a bias towards one energetic process in the largest percent (35.65%) of samples. Equal distribution of energetics across the two axes is negatively correlated, with the majority of individuals having a skewing towards one energetic process, lending support to Jung's hypothesis of a dominant function. Additionally, we test the relationship the three non-dominant energetics have to the dominant energetic, finding parity with Harold Grant's hierarchy model. However, the gathered data shows asymmetry between extroverts and introverts (374 extroverts, 209 introverts), with all gathered samples also preferring extroverted energetics. We explore the possibility of a demographic bias arising by pooling from the celebrity sphere. A proposed adjustment for this extroversion is added to correct for this bias. When this adjustment is added, the four energetics re-organize according to a Harold Grant model. Further tests, in controlled settings, can verify whether this adjustment is valid, when a random sample of the non-famous population is taken.
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Inter-Rater Reliability of the Vultology Code

Author(s): Juan E. Sandoval
Published on: March 8, 2022
Abstract: The reliability of the Cognitive Type Vultology Code 3 (CTVC3), as a visual analysis instrument, is evaluated through a study involving the classification of random samples by ten raters to test the level of independent convergence among them. During the course of six weeks, ten students were trained in the methodology of the instrument. Towards the end of the six weeks, a final exam containing ten randomly selected people was administered to the raters privately, to assess their degree of independent agreement with the instructor and with each other.
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Occupational Differences Across Vultological Types

Author(s): Juan E. Sandoval, Hila Hershkoviz
Published on: September 28, 2021
Abstract: Preliminary data obtained from 471 vultologically classified public figures, using the CTVC3, is compared against occupational data, to measure the probability of a given occupation occurring alongside a given vultology, relative to the average frequency. The results show significant occupational leanings in each of the four energetic categories, as well as the eight sub-categories tested. A follow-up study with a greater sample size is proposed as a way to reliably calculate the probabilities of each occupation and vultology conjunction in the general population.
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