Occupational Differences Across Vultological Types

Authors: Juan E. Sandoval, Hila Hershkoviz
Published by: Nemvus Productions
Published on: September 28, 2021
Abstract: Preliminary data obtained from 471 vultologically classified public figures, using the CTVC3, is compared against occupational data, to measure the probability of a given occupation occurring alongside a given vultology, relative to the average frequency. The results show significant occupational leanings in each of the four energetic categories, as well as the eight sub-categories tested. A follow-up study with a greater sample size is proposed as a way to reliably calculate the probabilities of each occupation and vultology conjunction in the general population.
Cite: Sandoval, J. and Hershkoviz, H. “Occupational Differences Across Vultological Types", Nemvus Productions, 2021, https://nemvus.com/article/127/
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