Vultological Parallels to Psychology

Authors: Juan E. Sandoval, Laura A. Hardulak
Published by: Nemvus Productions
Published on: September 17, 2021
Abstract: Preliminary data obtained from 60 vultologically classified individuals, using the CTVC3, is compared against data from the Energetics Survey 1 (ES1), to test the degree of dependence between psychology and vultology. A chi-square examination was performed on the two groups to check for dependency, with no dependency as the null hypothesis. The results showed a critical chi-square value equivalent to p ≤0.005, leading to a rejection of the null hypothesis. The vultological classifications and psychological survey result data show a statistically significant dependency, evidencing that vultological type corresponds to psychological type designation via the ES1.
Cite: Sandoval, J and Hardulak, L “Vultological Parallels to Psychology", Nemvus Productions, 2021,
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